This is a content rich webinar. I share material on how to become what I call: a "company of one", the CEO of You.Inc and navigate 21st century careers with confidence, heart and wisdom. I’ll share what I’ve learned from my journey, in depth research and the case studies from people I’ve worked with.
We’ll look at non-sleazy and non-fake ways you can build intellectual assets and influence that mean you’ll never have to depend on an organisation for job security again. This approach also helps you lay the foundation for becoming an independent professional with a viable business if you so wish.
I’ll share key principles and actions required to become an entrepreneurially minded professional and create authentic success based on real-life examples and science including:

  • Why you must abandon the employee mindset

  • How to break out of imposter syndrome thought patterns

  • The building blocks of a strategy for operating as an independent professional collaborating with selected organisations and partners that you choose

  • The key to getting paid for creating socially valuable service propositions (whether within or without a bigger organisation)