A FREE 60 minute webinar with Amina and Bryce. 


Have you been advised to “follow your heart” or “find your passion” and felt confused or annoyed about it?


Come and discover the ins and outs of finding your passion from a doctor and a lawyer who took a chance on exploring life beyond the professional cocoon.


During the webinar you’ll get the no holds barred approach to uncovering your unique path, what might hold you back and how to connect to your inner - fire. Through deep insights based on their experience you will:

• Learn what finding your passion means in practice outside a structured career

• Understand how to avoid common pitfalls that might derail you

• Tips for successfully integrating passion with reason


Also, why you don't need passion to move forward and the two things you do need.


At the end, there’ll be an opportunity to ask questions and find out how coaching can support you on your life journey as well as how to access a one of a kind offer!...

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