“Yesterday, I was clever so I wanted to change the world. Today, I am wise, so I am changing myself” Rumi

Are you a high performing professional and want to make a difference in the world? Do you get frustrated that there's so much to do and too little time? So did I.

Find out more about me through this webinar interview.


When I was 16, I left my native country (Algeria) due to civil war and moved with my family to Yorkshire (UK). A good going culture shock. I diligently focused on how I could adapt and help others in the world, and  chose to study medicine at Cambridge University.

I became aware very quickly that I was interested in the bigger picture of health, so after a few formative years in clinical medicine (in 11 different specialities; and in war-torn and wealthy countries), I moved into policy and research, getting a Master’s, a PhD and a few other professional qualifications along the way, as well as publishing a number of scientific papers and reports. As I moved forwards, I travelled to a variety of places including Cuba, Sudan, Syria, Lebanon, Brazil, Mexico, India, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, San Francisco, New York and Alaska. I also learned Spanish in addition to the languages I already spoke (Arabic, French and English). More on my career here.


I've always been interested in the workings of the mind. As part of my medical training at Cambridge University, I studied psychology and social anthropology. I completed my PhD with one of the world's foremost experts on the psychosocial theory of stress and illness - Sir Professor Michael Marmot.


My PhD research, examined how we are biased to think from a scarcity mindset and how this leads to poor decisions and ill health (examining the global obesity epidemic as an example). I found that having more developed cognitive faculties can move us beyond harmful cognitive biases, thus helping us to adapt to changing environments more quickly and protecting our health and wellbeing (see here for a summary paragraph of my research in one of Professor Michael Marmot's books; and here for a short interview about the research findings on the Voice of America). During my PhD, I also completed a course with Oxford University on the Philosophy of Mind and with UCL on Leadership and Resilience.

The work of Tony Robbins (a pioneer in coaching) had an important impact on my life and I continue to learn coaching excellence and wisdom from him and others every day. I am certified  in Strategic Intervention coaching from the school of coaching, co-founded by Tony Robbins. I also learned from the work and coaching of Katherine Woodward Thomas on conscious  relationships. I am continually inspired by the spiritual teachings of Buddhism, Vedanta, Islam and Christianity.


At around age 30, I felt that despite my achievements, my life wasn't quite where I wanted it to be. I entered a phase of deep inner-work with continuous coaching that led me to life changing insights. I know that as a result, I developed a more mature and life-affirming perspective and made decisions that I am proud of today. By being smart and courageous (using IQ and EQ), I soared to new heights of success including realising my dream of working with the United Nations. I also learned to develop  more meaningful work and deeper personal relationships.


I ended up on the  equivalent of the American “6 figure salary” doing something I loved and with the healthiest relationships ever. But something was still missing, as though my full potential hadn't been reached... 

Eventually, I realised that my "zone of genius" in service to the world was in the emerging profession of coaching - particularly, coaching high achievers on a similar path who are feeling stuck. I was able to help them face various work and life struggles that I had faced and overcome including stepping into leadership. They started realising that they could manifest "impossible" goals and see that they could succeed outside conventional career tracks.

I have coached people continuously since 2016 to reach depth and clarity of self-understanding that transformed their behaviours and led to genuine inspiration, excitement, and deep satisfaction in their work and relationships. 

​Specific goals reached by past clients include:

  • Getting their dream job in medicine, policy, management consulting or academia as well as prestigious fellowships

  • Growing their consulting business and successfully negotiating contracts including with intergovernmental organisations

  • Making a higher income than ever before through promotion or consulting

  • Long term funding for passion projects

  • Improved confidence, communication and public speaking cementing expert status

  • Better relationships and team dynamics through learning to set boundaries, delegate and self-care

  • Clarity leading to action over career change 

  • Being more at ease and relaxed with their path.


Do you want to recover a sense of ease, direction and inspiration? Do you want to use your talent fully, feel that you are making a difference, and feel fulfilled?













Join me on a journey of self-discovery in which you will soar to new

heights of authentic success and deep fulfilment.


Working together


The simplest thing is to see what my clients say and what kind of results they obtain.

I work best with people who have high standards for their work and life and want to make a difference in the world, as these are the values I live by and will bring to our work together.

While we will address some pretty serious topics, I'll also bring my infectious sense of fun and positivity.


I'm certified in Strategic Intervention coaching from the Anthony Robbins school of coaching. I combine clinical enquiry-style deep questioning, organisational experience, coaching techniques and continuous research to create a supportive and powerful coaching space that produces actionable insights and practical strategies for exponential success.

I am registered with the UK General Medical Council (the body that regulates doctors) and abide by its code of conduct.  I am a Member of the Royal College of Physicians (London) and a Fellow of the UK Faculty of Public HealthI also abide by the International Coaching Federation's code of ethics

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