(with Dr Amina Aitsi-Selmi)

Break the Glass Ceiling!


Are you going through a career transition and feeling a little

lost sometimes?


Have you woken up in the middle of the night and wondered

how to  progress in your career, worrying that you might get

left behind? 

Do you wonder if there's a way to balance work and personal

life without going mad?

If so, you're not alone.


Juggling family or personal life and work is one of the most prevalent problems in modern society. The Mental Health Foundation has stated that the pressure of an increasingly demanding work culture in the UK is perhaps the biggest and most pressing challenge to our mental health.


You might feel guilt for staying late at work, and shame when you put family before work especially if you work in a high performing environment with a male dominated culture.

While you know the principles of work-life balance and of how to get ahead in your career, you might find yourself in a less than ideal situation, struggling to see how you can possibly do rewarding work that remunerates you well without missing out on time with the kids, family or friends.

Smart women from all walks of life face this.

I’ve been there, too.

Like many high achievers in the knowledge economy, I started my career believing that if I jumped through all the hoops, I would find reward and fulfilment.


After a medical degree from one of the world’s top universities (Cambridge, UK), several professional qualifications and a prestigious PhD later, I was becoming increasingly confused about where I was headed and found that no-one could give me the answers I was searching for.


I became increasingly discouraged and despondent. Besides, there was no time to really sit down and look at things clearly, since I was too busy meeting the requirements and expectations that I already had!


I eventually realised that there was a way out of this, and almost immediately my situation began to shift and the path became clear again. I drew on a deep understanding of human transformation that went way beyond any traditional career advice.


Pretty much overnight, my vision was clearer and I knew where I wanted to go. Suddenly, opportunities appeared out of nowhere and it took very little effort for me to realise some of my deepest career aspirations. 


Within two months, my work situation had changed completely and I went from working in a small organisation with little appreciation of my skills to working at with the United Nations on topics of global impact with a team that fully used and valued my talents and personality.


Then, after the premature passing away of a friend, I felt pulled to take  a further leap and set up my own business doing something that I love and gives me great joy and flexibility in my work and life.

Why it can be so hard to get clear on your career path (and what to do about it)

To some extent, the odds are stacked against women because we live in a productivity-obsessed, patriarchal culture. Child rearing is not valued as work and so women are disadvantaged if they want to have a family.

What's worse is that, as women, we can be our own worst enemies. We judge ourselves and other women who choose motherhood or choose to prioritise relationships over work. We can feel extremely isolated and confused when our turn comes.

"Through coaching with Amina I was encouraged to take a different perspective on certain challenges which made a positive impact on my private life and career...Coaching has been the best investment for me so far!"





I started pursuing personal development before I embarked on coaching. Through this I learned that coaching would be beneficial for me and approached it with a positive mindset having decided to spend money and time for this purpose. Prior to that, I was concerned about the cost and time investment and whether coaching would work.


Through coaching with Amina, I learned the techniques to recognize and acknowledge my emotions, and explain their origin in various situations, thus, leading to better emotional control and personal satisfaction overall.


- I began to see how to turn personal failures and seemingly difficult situations into opportunities to grow and develop.

- I created a vision with goals for my life and career and my identity statement to which I turn on daily basis.

- I recognized some of my limiting beliefs and gained confidence to do things that I didn't believe I could do before because I thought I was not good enough, especially when it comes to leading.

- I made a progress on a previous project (publication from my PhD thesis).

- I have less anxiety associated with working as a doctor on a team, when many aspects of day to day work are out of my control. I am less stressed about the future job opportunities.


I recommend coaching with Amina. She has an excellent understanding of clients' needs. I was encouraged to take a different perspective on certain challenges and this made a positive impact on my private life and career. Being a medical doctor, Amina has a great understanding of medical career pathways, and the segments of coaching related to my medical career were invaluable.


Coaching has been the best investment for me so far!


Dr Rajna Golubic. Medical doctor (NHS, UK) and double PhD (Gates Scholar, Cambridge University).


Why you can’t just strategise your way out of this problem

​It’s easy to think that something out there might give you all the solutions, or even put pressure on yourself to “do something” and sort out the “problem”. You start doubting yourself and wondering if something is wrong with you.


You try to compare the pros and cons of different options endlessly. You may become increasingly paralysed as to which direction to take as you feel that the stakes are high and worry that you might make an irreversible mistake.

So you just carry on and make no or little progress while time passes by and everyone else seems to be getting on nicely.

One of two things happens:

  • You continue doing things the way you have, perhaps sticking to your current job or returning to an old one (and feel chronic, low-level anxiety)

  • Or you just give up to devote yourself to family or other personal needs, even though you feel that there is more you want to do in your career  (and feel resentful and then guilty about feeling resentful!)

All the while time is passing by.

This is a painful situation to be in. It reinforces the guilt, shame and low-self-esteem that women feel – unless you decide to get to the root of the problem and take action from a new perspective.

By deeply understanding the reality and opportunities around us and adjusting our perspective, we can begin to envisage new solutions and create new opportunities.

By being connected to a group of likeminded women, these opportunities turn into a new reality that brings deeper fulfilment in work and life.


The truth that can liberate you and get you back on track:

The truth is that you could find and get your dream job and achieve work-life balance...But most people are held back by limited ways of thinking (including punishing timelines) and are at the mercy of flawed decision-making.


In fact, coaching is valuable to executives and top performers because it helps them think about things differently so that they can take new types of action that benefit them and the company. Have you seen colleagues move from working harder to working smarter? They're probably getting coached.


I invite you to begin a journey back to your most confident and effective self whilst becoming an increasingly authentic and powerful leader in your work and life.

More than ever, the world needs women to bring their way of doing things to the table.



The most important thing you can do as a woman is to recover your trust in your own intuition (over and above what your logical mind might try to talk you into or out of). Some describe it as moving from a “striver/struggle” mindset that tries to control everything to a “creator” mindset that is more relaxed and finds intuitive solutions.

If you’re aspiring to greater clarity on what to do with your career and end worries around money, status and relationships, there is a way forward. I specialise in helping high performing women to break through their limitations and create results rapidly.

I invite you to join this programme and become part of a powerful community of women.

When you join the Break the Glass Ceiling! group coaching programme, you will be able to get clear on your next steps, examine unhelpful limiting thoughts and feel supported and inspired to take action.


What you get: by joining the programme, you will be able to:

  • Take stock of where you are and devise a realistic plan that inspires and motivates you without undermining yourself (this is essential if you are to build a solid foundation for your career transformation)

  • Discover the quickest route to getting the answers you need (this will also help you get rid of your to do list AND get more done without having to go far)

  • The strategic approach that works (and the strategies to avoid at all costs if you are to avoid unnecessary detours)

  • Grasp the trick to work-life balance so you can minimise suffering from in this area

  • Understand how to differentiate between rational and intuitive decision making and why intuitive decision making can save you time and money (women have an unused advantage here)

  • The 3 things you must be absolutely clear on to stay the course

  • The key skills you need to get through the tough times and recover from set backs quickly (so you don’t waste time or tax your relationships with victimised talk)

  • A forgotten secret about women’s creativity and why they can be more productive than men (it’s not multitasking)

  • Cultivate the only mindset that will move you forward to where you want to be (as well as recover sleep and energy)

  • The two things to put in place to ensure continued success after you finish this coaching programme



During the group sessions, we will examine specific themes related to having a clear vision and uncovering hidden opportunities that are immediately available so you can take prompt and effective action. We will go through personal practices and reflective exercises to help you unmask the fear that sabotages you. You will leave with an assignment that takes you forward and that you will report back on monthly if not weekly.

We will progress from foundational principles to help you connect to intuition, plan effectively and overcome obstacles and set backs so that you can reach momentum that propels you along your new path without it feeling like hard work.

I initially thought that coaching with Amina might be an extravagant thing to do in order to address certain areas which I should perhaps deal with myself. Financially, it was a (relatively) large investment.




However, the coaching process has enabled me to bring about real and positive change. I have more confidence and self-belief, having seen evidence of changes in my life, both professional and personal.


I had regular meetings with Amina over a defined period of 6 months. The coaching relationship was very good and I was able to be completely open and honest in these. It was valuable to work through situations and problems, and it was very interesting to unearth the underlying true blocks and conditioning which were the real areas to focus on (e.g the inner critic).


In the initial stages of the coaching, we addressed and overcame a lot of personal issues, limitations and assumptions, which were holding me back. As this became less of an issue, I was able to move forward with professional goals. I started off with smaller projects and improving team dynamics and now am working toward larger goals, including moving jobs and applying for a NICE fellowship.


Coaching has supported me in several ways including:

  1. Greatly improved self-confidence and self-belief, and understanding thought processes that may have been holding me back.

  2. Better ability to define and realize goals – initially small and self-related, moving to larger and more ambitious life and work goals

  3. Improved relationships – ability to observe team dynamics and to understand the ways in which people work.

  4. Better relationships with work colleagues– more confident in being assertive and asking for what I need/ my service needs, rather than hiding and being unhappy.

  5. Being open to a new romantic relationship after a difficult period.



I would definitely recommend coaching with Amina. She is extremely capable, insightful and a warm and wonderful person with great positive energy. She has an ability to observe a scenario and offer a range of different perspectives. She is always on your side, supporting you for who you are, rather than who you think you should be. Amina is also extremely intelligent and well educated, and her advice is always supported by strong philosophical, psychological and practical principles. In some areas, she has directed me toward various literature, which has been very helpful.

The sessions are relatively free/ loose, which allows room to discuss and address goals, blocks and which direction to take. I usually have some targets to work on following each session, reinforcing my impression of progress.


I think that Amina’s coaching would help a lot of people with a range of goals, blocks, situations, both personal and professional, and on a large and small scale. I would highly recommend it. Some people may need a small push and everyone needs to be motivated and invested in the process, as what you get out of it is related to what you put in.

Dr D. Ophthalmology Consultant, NHS.


The key results you can expect to see include:

   1. Increased confidence in your decisions and a sense of renewed autonomy and freedom


   2. Clarity over your path and next steps – a personal map


   3. New career opportunities

   4. Improvements in your key relationships

   5. Lower levels of isolation and anxiety and a growing circle of women to            support you


During our time together, you will benefit from a wealth of knowledge and experience acquired through my own journey as well as from medicine, psychology, philosophy, coaching (particularly Tony Robbins’ Strategic Intervention tools), organisational leadership and strategy as well as deep spiritual teachings from Buddhism and Sufism combined with cultural sensitivity.

Corporate coaching often costs around £10,000 for 6 months and doctors on Harley Street charge £180-300/hour. In person group coaching programmes of this kind are beginning to emerge as an effective and high value alternative to one-to-one coaching.


Here's what we'll focus on each month: 

Month 1: Setting the course: vision, values and confident action.

Month 2: Your decision making inner-compass: connecting to your intuition (foundational practices based on mindfulness).

Month 3: Strengthening trust by addressing old stories and uprooting limiting beliefs around work and money: the bigger picture and how to take control of our path (foundational practices based on self-enquiry).

Month 4: Working with emotions to enhance sound decision-making especially when under pressure (advanced practices based on inner-child healing).

Month 5: Identifying your support system and overcoming the fear of asking for help (conscious communication practices).

Month 6: Consolidation and review. Learning to use the creation cycle to achieve your goals.

In practice, these themes will be interwoven with each other, so you will feel a sense of deepening understanding in all areas as you attend each session regardless of the order. The sessions will be flexible enough to make sure you are able to integrate the principles into your particular situation.​

"When considering whether to start coaching with Amina I was uncertain about what I might achieve but I knew I needed a better strategy for dealing with increasing complexity in my professional life."


"I wanted practical help (which I got in spades) but the main benefit turned out to be a rediscovery of inspiration. I was forced to think about what I wanted to achieve and then given practical tools to get there. Like lots of people I am pulled in many directions and Amina gave me the tools to successfully juggle broadcasting, research and a home life.  


I would recommend Amina in a heartbeat. She’s nice but firm, compassionate and practical. In short, everything you would ever want in a coach."

Dr Chris van Tulleken

Medical doctor (NHS, UK) and BAFTA winning BBC TV presenter.


The six-month journey together will include:

  • A monthly two hour group coaching session (in the comfortable setting of 10, Harley Street Medical Practice, London. You can also attend the full programme online if this is more convenient)

  • A monthly online group check in call

  • A Facebook Group so you feel supported and have a place to keep in touch in between sessions

  • Weekly practices to help you stay motivated

  • Partnering in pairs for continued accountability

This programme offers 12 hours of face-to-face time in a group of 6-8 women; 6 hours phone meeting time with the same group and continued online support.


Price: £150/month (for six months)

Option 1:  One payment of £750


Get one month free and save £150 - a good incentive to help you facilitate the decision if you are feeling excited about the programme

Option 2: Two payments of £450 (Total = £900)










For corporate rates, please, enquire.

(N.B. Online payment facility available on desktop only).



Online programme! If you are unable to attend the face-to-face meetings,


you can join the coaching online meeting instead.


Early registration bonus! Sign up before the 20th of December 2016 and get two hours of 1-to-1 coaching (worth £500) as a bonus in your programme. This is limited in availability, so do book now if you are interested.


Any questions or hesitations? Email me on


Pay by simple bank transfer (preferred):

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